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You feel it when you walk in a room, or tour a home, or look at a newly drawn  floor plan.
Something's off-kilter, just not working -  but you can't pinpoint what it is. Maybe the kitchen's too big, or the shower's too small?  Perhaps it's the location of the bedroom  door? A designer's job is to find the problem and fix it - to create  functional spaces
with balance, harmony, and good flow.


What makes a house a home? We believe, the key is to start with a great foundation - beautiful windows, doors, and  flooring. From there, we layer in your personality.
 Tile, cabinetry, and fixtures. Textiles, case goods and upholstery. One layer at a time, one room at a time, or all at once. As you like it, or your budget will allow!


 Determining the layout of your space is the first step in creating a successful, balanced  room or home. Does it  matter where the sink goes? You bet!

Space Planning

Create floor plans and elevations, or review those drawn by an architect or contractor, to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics


Materials Selection

Great looking finishes are possible on any budget - when you   spend  big (or medium) in the right places, and compromise in others.  

Site visits over the entire course of the project ensure the work is being done as specified and  to the highest standards.

Quality Control

client brief

Young parents to one toddler, with plans for additional children. 

Moving up from a starter home, to their dream home.

Love the fantastic lot, but the 1930's home needs major updates.



johanna carr


Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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